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Anna Drubich
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About me

Los Angeles-based composer and pianist Anna Drubich was born in Moscow. From an early age Anna was exposed to music and began piano lessons at the age of 8. Anna earned her Bachelor and Master's degrees in piano and composition  at the Munich School for the Performing Arts. May 2012 graduated the USC "Scoring for Film and Television" program. 
 At this point of her career Anna completed the score for over 35 movie projects from Russia, Germanys, USA, Denmark, Egypt and Spain. Anna's work as composer has led her to being nominated and shortlisted for the Russian Film Academy Award NIKA. She is also the winner of the prestigious Triumph Award in Russia and Special Prize at the Soundtrack Cologne Competition. Her diverse body of work can be heard on television, at the cinema and in the theatre and includes animated features, documentaries and plays. In addition to her music for the visual arts, Anna has been intensively involved in writing music for the concert hall. Several works, from sonatas for solo instruments to chamber music to orchestra pieces, were debuted by famous musicians - many of them friends and colleagues of Miss Drubich. These pieces have been performed on prestigious music festivals and have always enjoyed a warm and enthusiastic reception from the audience and positive response from the critics. 


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